Dane County Equity Consortium Joint Statement- 6/2/2020

Please click on the link to read the joint statement issued by the Dane County Equity Consortium.


To students, families, and community members who may need assistance during this time, we are here to help!  Please reach out to any of the resources below:

Julie Horner, School Psychologist
jhorner@wisheights.k12.wi.us (608) 767-2595 x4192

Katy Howe, School Nurse
khowe@wisheights.k12.wi.us (608) 767-2595 x3001

Aubrie Premo, School Counselor
apremo@wisheights.k12.wi.us (608) 767-2595 x4144

Kat Swanson, School Social Worker
kswanson@wisheights.k12.wi.us (608) 767-2595 x3007

Kurt Wong, School Counselor
kwong@wisheights.k12.wi.us (608) 767-2586 x3003

Matt Green, Pupil Services Director
mgreen@wisheights.k12.wi.us (608) 767-2595 x1006