Make Up Time for Snow Days

Our latest snow days have forced us to make additional adjustments to our upcoming schedule to meet our Department of Public Instruction (DPI) requirements for hours of instruction. Here is the plan for making up the time to meet these requirements: 1. Thursday, April 18th will be a Full Day of school for all students. […]

Operational Referendum

We held the first of two community meetings to share information on our April 2, 2019, operational referendum on Monday, March 11 at Black Earth Elementary School. A huge thank you to the community members that attended the meeting. Two key questions were posed: 1. With the former state superintendent of the Department of Public […]

Community Survey Results

Results from the School Perceptions survey that was completed in October can be accessed at the following link: Community Survey Results.  The Wisconsin Heights School District would like to thank all of our survey participants.  We had a tremendous response rate, and this is a testament to our wonderfully supportive community.  If you have any questions, feel free […]