Curriculum and Instruction


The Curriculum and Instruction Department works with educators to create an instructional experience for students that is challenging, enjoyable and supports their individual growth on standards set to prepare them for college and career.

The Wisconsin Heights School District makes its curriculum available to parents, students, and the community via a web-based program called Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC). The program provides access to individual courses, units of study, and topics within those courses which are linked to academic standards. The database can be searched by subject area and/or grade level. When you visit Wisconsin Heights’s Build Your Own Curriculum site you may notice courses marked “Being Revised.” This reflects ongoing curriculum work in the Wisconsin Heights School District.  Because the curriculum is often reflected upon and revised, courses will at times not be available to the public through Build Your Own Curriculum.  As soon as the updates are made, they again will become public.

Do you need help in navigating through BYOC? Please click on this link for a tutorial. Then scroll down to the “Public Website Demo”. This demonstration provides an overview for parents, students, and the community of Build Your Own Curriculum (BYOC).  It will help guide users on how to use BYOC and obtain the information they are seeking.

Wisconsin Heights School District’s Build Your Own Curriculum


Dale Green, Director of Curriculum

Bev Whalen, Curriculum & Instruction Administrative Assistant


2017-2018 Wisconsin Heights Educational Standards

July 1, 2017

All school districts are required annually, prior to the start of the school term, to notify the parents and
guardians of pupils enrolled in the district of the academic standards adopted by the school board for that
year. It is also required that a notice identifying the academic standards adopted by the school board be
included as an item on the agenda for the first school board meeting of the year. (DPI)

Wisconsin Heights Educational Standards: For the 2017-18 school year, the Wisconsin Heights School
District has adopted the Common Core State Standards for Math and English/Language Arts. The district
has also adopted the Next Generation Science Standards for Science as well as the Wisconsin Model
Academic Standards for all other subject areas.