Frequently Asked Questions – April 6, 2021 Referendum

Why wasn’t the auditorium part of the one-campus referendum?

At the August 24, 2020 Board of Education meeting, two resolutions were brought forward. One was for the one-campus district and the other was for the auditorium. The school board had a detailed discussion, which included multiple factors facing the community, and passed the one-campus resolution. The auditorium resolution was not passed. The board decided to continue looking into the feasibility of the auditorium for consideration in the spring election (April 6, 2021).

After much discussion and feedback from community members, on January 25, 2021, the board voted to move forward with the auditorium resolution.

Why should the auditorium be considered now?

With the one campus referendum passing in November of 2020, further discussions have occurred to determine the feasibility of adding the auditorium.

The construction will begin in spring to add the elementary wing to the existing MS/HS building. By adding the auditorium at the same time, the district would save money and reduce disruptions. The equipment and construction crews would be on-site and interest rates are low to borrow the money. If we wait, the cost to bring the equipment and crews back would be incurred and interest rates may change. It’s estimated that in 5 years it would cost the district roughly $2,263,000.00 than building it in 2021-22. This does not include the possible increase in interest in 5 years.

Looking beyond the cost savings, we would be investing in our performing arts studies. The auditorium would provide a safe and ADA compliant experience for the participants and audience. Our community will also benefit from having an auditorium to utilize for performances, speakers, events, and more.

What is the tax impact of the $7,500,000 auditorium referendum?

It is estimated that the Average Mill Rate Impact will be around $0.47 (per $1,000 property valuation). What does that mean? On a home that has a fair market value of $200,000, the average annual impact would be around $94.00, making the monthly impact around $7.84.

What are the plans for the auditorium?

The image below represents the current proposed layout of the auditorium. It will have 500 seats with an orchestra pit. There will be two dressing rooms, a scene shop, a sound booth, and a light booth. In addition, two additional restrooms will be available.