School Counselor- BE Elementary



Lindsey Martin, Guidance Counselor






Our school counseling program is a support network that focuses on the academic, career and personal/social needs of all students. School counseling aids all students to grow to their fullest potential both currently and in the future. Our program encompasses the whole family system of each student to implement all possible resources and support the student and family needs. I am an advocate and voice for unheard and unseen populations within the school and the community. As the school counselor, I work collaboratively with other pupil service staff, teachers, and administration across our 4k through 5th-grade students. I provide emotional support during school and supply resources for possible extra help outside of the school environment. School counseling is an essential component of the school community focusing on the well-being of each unique, important, and special student. Students are the future and I feel so honored to be able to be a part of their journey to adulthood.

My role as the elementary school counselor consists of:

Social Emotional Learning

  • Social Emotional lessons are taught within each 4K-5 homeroom on a weekly schedule, using the Second Step curriculum. The Second Step curriculum focuses on four main areas, Skills for Learning, Empathy, Emotion Management, and Problem Solving. These topics are taught within 22 interactive lessons. Lessons incorporate music, games, and partner activities to enhance learning.

Small Groups

  • Throughout the school year, I create and facilitate small group experiences for students. Groups are meant to give students more practice with certain topics/areas and have the ability to try new behaviors and skills in a safe and supportive environment with peers.

Individual Meetings

  • I am available to meet individually with students in my office. Please contact me with challenges your student is facing and we can arrange a time to meet and work through any issues.
  • I also like to meet with students to just get to know them better and build a relationship and connection with them!