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Physical Exam

A student may not participate in interscholastic athletics (practice or competition) until the school has a W.I.A.A. Examination or Alternate Year Permit Card that attests to the student’s physical fitness (as determined by a licensed physician). A physical form is available on the link to the right or may be printed on the corresponding step of the online registration process for athletics. The physical form is the only athletic form we accept as a hard copy (our athletic registration is completely online) since the physician’s signature is required. A physical examination taken April 1 and thereafter is valid for the following two school years; a physical examination taken before April 1 is only valid for the remainder of that school year and the following school year.

For compliance, complete the physical exam and return the form to the athletic director’s office with all of the information properly filled in and signed by your parent or guardian.

Concussion Law

The Wisconsin DPI has published the Sideline to Safety (concussion law) guidelines for youth athletic organizations. With the publication of the guidelines, the law is now implemented. Wisconsin Concussion Law Act 172 – Statute 118.293.  Summary The law requires all youth athletic organizations to educate coaches, athletes and parents on the risks of concussions and head injuries and prohibits participation in a youth activity until the athlete and parent or guardian has returned a signed agreement sheet indicating they have reviewed the concussion and head injury informational materials. The law requires immediate removal of an individual from a youth athletic activity if symptoms indicate a possible concussion has been sustained. A person who has been removed from a youth athletic activity because of a determined or suspected concussion or head injury, may not participate again until he or she is evaluated by a health care provider and receives written clearance from the health care provider to return to the activity. At the beginning of a season for a youth athletic activity, the person operating the youth athletic activity shall distribute a concussion and head injury information sheet to each person who will be coaching that youth athletic activity and to each person who wishes to participate in that youth athletic activity. No person may participate in a youth athletic activity unless the person returns the information sheet signed by the person and, if he or she is under the age of 19, by his or her parent or guardian. Note: The law was amended in 2013 and the concussion information and acknowledgment must only be distributed and collected once per school year.

Effective: December 15, 2013, All Student-Athletes MUST COMPLETE Concussion Parent/Athlete Agreement Signature Form for each School Year.

2021 – 2022 High School Code of Conduct/Concussion Information/Eligibility Information

WIAA Graduated Return to Play Checklist (for positive case of COVID-19)

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