Facility Use

The Wisconsin Heights Board of Education recognizes that there is a responsibility to facilitate the maximum use of all school facilities and equipment by school children, groups and district citizens.

The following policies and forms have been developed to protect and secure the facilities while providing public access.

Any questions regarding the use of facilities may be directed to the specific building administrator of the building being considered for use. Liz Dostal or Kindra Zuberbuehler (MS/HS) 608.767.2586, or Scott Moore (Elementary) 608.767.2251.

The order of priority for use of school facilities in the school district will be as follows:

  1. Wisconsin Heights academic and/or athletic teams

  2. Wisconsin Heights school activities (K-12)

  3. Community youth athletic groups

  4. Adult community groups or community organizations/clubs

  5. District for-profit organizations

  6. Non-district groups or organizations

Become a facilities requester or request a facility