Parking Permits & Rules

WHHS Parking Permit Rules & Application

Students with a valid driver’s license are allowed the privilege of parking in the designated student parking lot in front of the school. You must have your vehicle registered and the $50.00 parking fee paid during the first week of school or on the day you begin driving to school (pro-rated for students acquiring their licenses mid-year at $12.50/quarter). Students will be issued a parking tag which should be displayed in the front window on the rear-view mirror.


With each paid permit, a student may purchase two additional stickers for secondary vehicles at $1.00 each. However, no more than one vehicle may be parked per parking permit at school during any one time. For example, a student may not buy a parking permit and give their additional sticker to a sibling to drive a second vehicle to school; the sibling will need their own permit if they are driving an additional vehicle to school. However, if siblings take turns driving one car to school, only one permit would be needed.

Parking lot rules:

  • You are expected to park correctly in the marked spaces provided and observe all laws pertaining to driving.

  • Students are expected to park in the front lot of the school.

  • Speeds in excess of 10 miles per hour on school grounds are prohibited.

  • There will be no loitering in or around vehicles in the parking lot.

  • Students are not allowed to leave in their vehicles during the school day without the permission of their parents and the office.

  • Students must exit the parking lot immediately after school until the busses begin to depart, at which point all vehicles will need to yield to the buses and allow them to exit the parking lot.

Non-compliance with these expectations may lead to revocation of parking privileges, school disciplinary action, and/or vehicles being towed at driver’s expense. If the school has a reasonable suspicion that there is evidence of contraband in a vehicle parked on school property, it may be searched. Vehicles are also subject to random canine searches. Remember that driving to school is a privilege that may be suspended or revoked at the discretion of the principal or his/her designee.

WHHS Parking Permit Application