Substitute Opportunities

Substitute Teachers:

Thank you for your interest in working with the Wisconsin Heights School District!  Substitutes play a necessary and valuable role in the education of our students.

Those interested in substitute teaching can refer to the Become a Substitute page.

2022-2023 Substitute Teacher Pay

$115.00/day          $57.50/half day
After 5 days of substituting in our district, the rate increases to $140.00/day and $70/half-day

$191.00/day for long-term assignment

Substitute Support Staff:

The positions and hourly rates are listed below:

Educational Assistants: $14.00/hour

Administrative Assistants: $15.00/hour

Custodian: $15.00/hour

Cook: $14.00/hour

Long-term assignments for substitute support staff are $.25 more per hour.

To apply please submit your application through WECAN or contact the District Office Human Resources at 608-767-2595 ext. 1001.