📢 Help our students learn to read - become a reading tutor! 📢 Make a difference in your community and join our team as Reading Corps Tutor. Wisconsin Heights Elementary is looking for tutors to help students who need extra help with reading. Reading Tutors meet one-on-one with students in kindergarten through third grade to help them become better readers. With training and on-site coaching, we’ll prepare you to help kids succeed. This is an AmeriCorps member position with Reading Corps. Together, we’re on a mission to help more kids become strong readers because kids who read have the power to succeed! Perks as A Tutor -Paycheck every two weeks -Up to an additional $4,500 for college tuition or student loans. (Tutors 55 and older may gift the award to their child, grandchild, stepchild, or foster child.) -Free individual health insurance (for tutors serving 35 hours a week). -Child care assistance (based on family size and income). -Federal student loan forbearance and interest repayment. -Predictable schedule – daytime hours with no evenings or weekends. -Time off over most school release days and summer. Contact Scott Moore, Elementary Principal at smoore@wisheights.k12.wi.us or 608-767-2251 for more information! #VanguardPride | #TutorOurKids | #PutYourPassionInAction | #ReadingCorpsWorks
2 months ago, Elementary
Word Reading in red font and Corps in black font
Students in #VanguardPride 4K Adventures summer class decorated pots before planting seeds 🌱! It was fun and messy😄!
2 months ago, District
Girl with paintbrush and paint with paper
Two boys with a plate of paint and paintbrushes
2 student with paper with paint
Last week some of our wonderful staff members started👩‍🔧 👨‍🔧 assembling items for our Little Explorers area. Stay tuned to see the final products set up in the #VanguardPride courtyard.💚💚💚
2 months ago, District
Julie Horner and Kara Condon sitting under an activity table they assembled
Male assembling a childs outdoor activity item
Scott Moore assembling childs outdoor activity item
Kris Hopper assembling a childs outdoor activity item
If you've been past the #VanguardPride campus lately, you've seen more activities happening outside. 💚
2 months ago, District
elementary entrance
new sidewalk outside elementary wing
curb work outside elementary entrance
dirt movement for school driveway entrance
Lost and Found There were a few items left behind at Black Earth Elementary from summer school. The pictures below show the items. To claim, contact the Black Earth Elementary school at 608-767-2251. Items will be held until August 1st. Anything remaining will be donated. #VanguardPride
2 months ago, District
Water bottles, sunglasses, hats
The Wisconsin Heights School District is currently seeking candidates for the following positions within the District for the 2022-2023 school year: -Elementary Cook (2.5 hrs/day) -Elementary Cook (3.5 hrs/day or can be combined with Special Education Assistant for a full-time position*) -Special Education Assistant / Food Service* -Special Education Assistant -Elementary Mental Health/Student Support Specialist (one year assignment) -MS/HS Physical Education Teacher and In-House Substitute (one year assignment) -High School Head Cross Country Coach -Assistant High School Football Coach For more information or to apply, please visit WECAN at https://wecan.education.wisc.edu/#/ #VanguardPride
3 months ago, District
Graphic stating Join Our Team
Who doesn’t love playing board games with friends?! 🧩 Students are enjoying playing games and putting puzzles together during #VanguardPride summer school class ‘Games are Great’!
3 months ago, District
2 girls playing the board game Sorry
2 young children playing board game Candy Land
3 students playing Monopoly board game
4 boys sitting at table playing the board game Life
Anything can be used to make art 🎨! Students used recycled materials and craft materials to make some very interesting #VanguardPride masterpieces!
3 months ago, District
Students constructing a house on the floor
Boy with his head inside a box and a plastic bottle on top
Boy working at table with tape and construction paper
Girls working at table with paint and a piece of cardboard
The #VanguardPride Elementary School Supply List is available! https://www.wisheights.k12.wi.us/o/whsd/page/wisconsin-heights-elementary
3 months ago, Elementary
Elementary School Supplies for 2022-2023 with an image of different school supplies showing
We had some summer school🔎#VanguardPride detectives at work! Students worked together to solve mysteries by analyzing fingerprints, matching shoe impressions, looking at evidence, and examining handwriting!
3 months ago, District
Boy kneeling on floor sketching
2 boys working at a table sketching
Boy taking his fingerprints
A group of students analyzing prints in the dirt
A years worth of holidays in one week?! Students participated in ‘Every Day is a Holiday’ during summer school! They celebrated Valentines Day 💝, St. Patrick’s Day 🍀, Easter 🐇, Halloween 🎃, and Christmas 🎄 by making a variety of #VanguardPride projects!
3 months ago, District
Boy with fingers in colored shaving cream
3 boys sitting at table with construction paper and painting with colored shaving cream
Girl holding an Easter egg made out of construction paper
2 girls working at a table with colored shaving cream
The Wisconsin Heights School District is currently seeking candidates for the following positions within the District for the 2022-2023 school year: • Elementary Cook (2.5 hrs/day) • Elementary Cook (3.5 hrs/day or can be combined with Special Education Assistant for a full-time position) • Special Education Assistant / Food Service • Long Term High School Science Teacher (one year assignment) • Elementary Mental Health/Student Support Specialist (one year assignment) • High School Head Cross Country Coach For more information or to apply, please visit WECAN at https://wecan.education.wisc.edu/#/ #VanguardPride
3 months ago, District
Graphic that states Join Our Team with #VanguardPride hashtag
Have a safe and Happy 4th of July, #VanguardPride community!
3 months ago, District
Graphic with 4th of July written on it
We have been doing these monthly updates since May 2021, which makes this edition our 14th. That, in itself, is hard to believe, but what is even more amazing is all the work that has been accomplished during that timeframe. 😯 So much is getting done inside the elementary wing....the gym floor is getting finished, classrooms are all painted, and cabinetry is being installed. The HS renovations continue this summer. The flooring in some of the halls and cafeteria are being replaced and we're making it through the four seasons of optimization with the HVAC systems. That's just the inside! With the school year ending at the beginning of this month, work has started outside with the elementary entrance and some of the parking lot work starting. The #VanguardPride excitement continues! 💚💚💚
3 months ago, District
Document with June progress on the one campus site and July plans
Students made some wonderful bead crafts 📿 while listening to amazing stories 📚 during #VanguardPride Beads & Books!
3 months ago, District
3 students at table with open laptop with beads
3 students at table working with beads
4 students working with beads at a table
2 students at a table working with beads
🧙Students were sorted into their Hogwarts Houses, 🔍searched for Scabbers/Peter Pettigrew, made potions, decoded secret messages, 🎇searched for Horcruxes, and made quills all in their first week of #VanguardPride Heights @ Hogwarts✨!
3 months ago, District
Boy sitting on ground looking down at paper
Four girls sitting on sidewalk working on papers
Two girls sitting on floor working on papers
Summer Science Camp was a blast last week. Fun was had by all! Enjoy the video recap from the UW: https://mediaspace.wisc.edu/media/Summer+Science+Camp+2022/1_gj69onhs
3 months ago, District
Green background with word Science
Work continues this summer on new flooring in the #VanguardPride high school.
3 months ago, Middle/High School
Hallway by guidance showing floor removed
Man installing new floor in cafeteria
Hallway by music room showing flooring removed
HS teacher lounge with flooring removed
Wisconsin Heights School District took the lead in applying for a Department of Workforce Innovation Grant to create a grow your own teacher program in our school district. We are collaborating with the Cambridge, Lodi, and Sauk Prairie School Districts on this exciting effort to support local students as they prepare to become the next generation of wonderful educators. Our four-district consortium of school districts was awarded a grant of $264,000 to support our GROW collaborative. Pictured L-R: Liz Dostal - WHSD MS/HS principal Vince Bruenig - Lodi District Administrator Governor Tony Evers Dr. Jordan Sinz - WHSD District Administrator Dr. Chanda Kulow - Sauk Prairie Curriculum and Instruction Director #VanguardPride
3 months ago, District
Liz Dostal, Vince Bruenig, Governor Tony Evers, Jordan Sinz, Chanda Kulow
Chaperones Sr. Hruby and Ms. Kanwar took 6 students on this year's Spanish trip. They visited Galveston, Texas where highlights were a Segway tour visiting historical locations throughout Galveston and watching the sunrise on the beach. Next was San Antonio where they visited some of the Spanish missions (San Juan, Concepcion, Espada) as well as the Alamo. There was also record heat while they were in Texas which made their 20 mile bike ride in San Antonio challenging. The last part of their trip they spent in Sedona, Arizona. A hike at Red Rock State Park was a favorite of the travelers and they were able to visit the Grand Canyon as well. ¡Fue un buen viaje
3 months ago, District
Group in front of canyon bluffs in background
Dessert, shrubs, trees, bluffs in background
Group in front on canyon bluffs